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Once you’ve submitted your SERV-OR application to join our Medical Reserve Corps unit, you must complete these requirements in order to be accepted and eligible for deployment.

Do Once

1. Orientation

Watch both parts and then fill out the completion form to receive credit»

2. Immunization/Immunity History

Complete the Responder Health Screening Form

3. ID Badge - Email a passport style photo to and we’ll mail you an ID badge.

Every 12 Months

1. HIPAA Training

You must complete Multnomah County's HIPAA training. We cannot accept your employer's HIPAA certificates.

Watch these 4 videos every year and then fill out the HIPAA verification form to receive credit»

2. Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Your employer-provided or other bloodborne pathogen training meets this requirement. Complete the verification form once a year.

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As Requested

Incident Command System (ICS) courses MAY be required depending on the nature of the incident. Do these courses ahead of time to be ready!

Email your certificates to

Recommended but Optional