The goal of the Good Faith Effort Program is to ensure prime contractors make a meaningful effort to provide subcontracting opportunities to State of Oregon certified Minority-owned, Women-owned or Emerging Small Business (MWESB) firms.

Prime contractors are required to contact MWESB subcontractors to solicit their interest and bids. This program helps to ensure diversity in our contracting awards and dollars paid to vendors. MWESB subcontractors are made aware of Multnomah County construction projects through prime contractor outreach and through Multnomah County efforts to ensure bid opportunities are effectively marketed at MWESB forums and outreach events.

The Good Faith Effort Program is designed to make sure MWESB firms have ample time to provide a bid to prime contractors on Multnomah County construction projects. The Good Faith Effort Program is required on all formal construction projects.  For more information regarding our past contracting results visit our Annual Reports page to access our past performance.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Do I need to get certified as an MWESB to do business with the County?

A: No. The County does business with certified firms and non-certified firms alike. However, if you qualify for state certification you may find out about opportunities you otherwise would not have been contacted for.

Q: If I’m bidding on a County project as a prime contractor how do I know which MWESB firms to contact?

A: Prime contractors are required to perform outreach to MWESB businesses for any scope of work anticipated to result in a subcontract on the project. Certification Office for Business Inclusion & Diversity (COBID) maintain a database of MWESB certified firms. Each prime contractor is responsible for researching the database to find qualified MWESBs for the scopes of work they will be subcontracting. Additional assistance can be obtained by contacting the County MWESB Unit.

Q: How many MWESB firms do I need to contact?

A: You must contact each MWESB that attended the prebid (if one was held) that also performs work in an area you are looking to subcontract. In addition, you must contact a minimum of five MWESB certified firms for each division of work that will be subcontracted.

Q: How does being MWESB certified benefit me on informal (smaller dollar value) contracting opportunities?

A: Multnomah County’s intermediate level purchasing policy requires County staff to include at least three qualified MWESB businesses in the bid/proposal solicitation process for each procurement. While being certified does not guarantee your business will be contacted, it increases the likelihood.

Q: Are there any opportunities for MWESB businesses that are not in the construction industry?

A: Yes. Approximately 70% of the County’s procurement dollars are spent on non-construction related goods and services. Many of the goods and services the County procures are in the areas of health and human services (e.g. nursing services, mental health services, aging and disability services).

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