New 2013 State of Oregon and State of Washington Green Janitorial Supplies Contract

Janitorial Service

Multnomah County has a Green Cleaning Policy which supports the use of sustainable cleaning products and materials based upon national standards such as LEED and Green Seal. The goal of the policy is to retain the beneficial functions of cleaning products while preventing negative impacts to human health and the environment from those products. The County seeks to do business with providers who will partner with us to achieve this goal.

Multnomah County shall contract for complete janitorial services using “sustainable cleaning practices” and “environmentally friendly” products to maintain all the facilities at the highest standard of cleanliness.

Whenever there may be any doubt regarding the level of quality, the contractor shall provide the highest level of quality of materials, service and workmanship to maintain a clean, sanitary and safe work environment, in a cost effective manner. Publicly used areas of buildings are cleaned (frequency) and general office areas are cleaned (frequency). General window cleaning (is/is not) required. Interior glass, such as (identify if necessary) is included in cleaning.

Potentially hazardous disinfectants may be used to treat aggressive contamination outbreaks only where the use of general purpose cleaners has not been shown to be effective in controlling the contamination; any such use of these types of disinfectants shall be only by workers trained in the use of the particular disinfectant(s).

Cleaning products

Provide a list of all supplies, including green products that will be used on this contract, specify brand-name of each supply item including the manufacturer. Describe the products purpose or use and if its use supports the goal of using sustainable cleaning products and materials. Include information showing that the product contains less toxic material, minimizes waste, item or container/packaging contains recycled content, or conserves energy or water. (i.e. EnvirOx, H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 is a multi-purpose cleaner that is EPA registered as a sanitizer and is Green Seal GS-37 certified, concentrate reduces disposal of individual containers.)

Cleaning services and equipment

Describe in detail the cleaning procedures for each cleaning operation for the areas listed below. Include the type of equipment and how supplies are used in each procedure. Be sure to indicate if any method or procedure supports the goal of sustainable building practices by reducing adverse environmental impact from cleaning operations (uses less toxic materials, minimizes waste, waste products can be recycled, or conserves energy or water).

a) Entrances and Lobbies 

b) Elevators 

c) Corridors & Elevator Lobbies 

d) Stairways

e) Restrooms 

f) Offices/Equipment Areas

g) Cafeteria/Kitchenette/Vending Area

h) Glass

i) Resilient tile/Hard Floors

j) Carpet

Describe in detail the training to be provided to the County’s custodial service providers on proper use and handling of cleaning products. Include a description of the training procedure, the number of hours necessary, how often it should be repeated, and how it is updated.