RFP 4000002581

Type of the opportunity: One time

Closed on: August 17, 2015, 4:00 pm (PDT)

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The County has received three (3) proposals, from: Hamilton Construction, Omega Morgan and PCL Civil Construction.

There will be a MANDATORY Pre-Proposal Conference at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, July 27, 2015 in Room 126 of the Multnomah Building, 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR.

Notes: Attachments 1 through 6 are within the RFP document. Contract Exhibits E and F are Reserved. Reference "as built" drawings are available for viewing on the related A/E project page of this site, with RFP 4000002578.

Reference document added 7/28/15: Slide presentation from 7/27/15 mandatory pre-proposal conference:  4-2581 Slides (6.97 MB)

4000002581 RFP document (280.5 KB)
RFP Attachment 7 - CM/GC Sample Contract (257.65 KB)
RFP Attachment 8 - General Provisions (846.21 KB)

4000002581 ADDENDUM #1 (50.62 KB)
4000002581 Corrected ADDENDUM #2 (462.46 KB)
4000002581 ADDENDUM #3 (21.99 KB)
4000002581 ADDENDUM #4 (15.7 KB)

Contract Exhibit A - GMP Amendment (26.61 KB)
Contract Exhibit B - Bond forms (36.11 KB)
Contract Exhibit C-1 -- DBE Commitment Requirements (160.88 KB)
Contract Exhibit C-1-A -- ODOT DBE Policy Statement (591.84 KB)
Contract Exhibit C-2 -- DBE Commitment Certification and Utiliization form (10.84 KB)
Contract Exhibit C-3 -- Affirmative Action Requirements (470.46 KB)
Contract Exhibit C-4 -- DBE Information (43.3 KB)
Contract Exhibit C-5 -- DBE Supplemental Required Contract Proisions (214.18 KB)
Contract Exhibit C-6 -- EEO Provisions (455.75 KB)
Contract Exhibit C-7 -- EEO Aspirational Target Provisions (450.61 KB)
Contract Exhibit C-8 -- Required Contract Provisions (292.69 KB)
Contract Exhibit D -- Project and Program Goals (29.22 KB)
Contract Exhibit G -- Insurance Requirements (41.25 KB)
Contract Exhibit H -- CM/GC Fee and Cost Matrix (79.88 KB)
Contract Exhibit I -- Prevailing Wage Rate Determinations (9.31 KB)
Contract Exhibit J -- Preconstruction Fee (8.26 KB)
Contract Exhibit K -- CM/GC Fee Percentage form (8.27 KB)
Contract Exhibit L -- Contract Provisions (8.1 KB)
Contract Exhibit M -- ODOT Standard Specifications (11.76 KB)

Broadway Rall Wheel Study (reference document) (11.24 MB)


County Contact: Paula Rickman