Bid & Proposal Opportunities

  • Opportunities to do business with the County.

Public Works Programs

  • Requirements and Documents, including Prequalification Applications

MWESB Certification

Multnomah County Services Contract Sample (761.6 KB)


Sustainable Business Practices

  • Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability: Environment, Social Equity, & Economic Impacts.

IRS Form W-9

Public Contracting Review Board Rules

  • The rules that govern how the County does business

Supplier Code of Conduct Supplier Code of Business Conduct - Multco (17.34 KB)

  • The County's expectations for its contractors

Additional Purchasing Resources

  • Recommendations for a successful proposal response


All of our Procurement files are in either Acrobat Reader® format (.pdf) or PKZIP® (.zip) format. If you do not have this software please request the Procurement documents be mailed to you, or you may get the software you need at the following sites:

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

For those that require ADA compliant documents, you may register for mailing of any of the documents below here: REGISTER for Mailing and indicate your status on the form.

EEO Certification Requirement

Multnomah County's PCRB Rule 60-0040 requires that all contractors furnishing goods and services to the County in excess of $75,000 must be certified as an Equal Opportunity Employer. (This dollar amount may vary for other government agencies).  Contracts in excess of $75,000 are subject to the County’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) requirements and will include vendor certification as indicated in the Sample Multnomah County Contract.  The County will not execute a contract over $75,000 with any contractor who fails to become certified.

Supplier Preference

As indicated in the specifications contained in our solicitations, Multnomah County shall prefer, all else being equal, goods produced in the State of Oregon. For more information please refer to project specifications.  The State of Oregon has also enacted a "reciprocal preference law." The law requires that, when determining the lowest responsible bidder, Multnomah County must add a percent increase to each nonresident bidder's price equal to the percent of preference given to local bidders in the nonresident bidder's home state.  The following link gives more information on the law and provides access to the most current information of states with preference laws: Reciprocal Preference Laws by State.

Electronic Submissions

Multnomah County Purchasing Department has the option of accepting electronic submissions and electronic signatures whenever allowed. Please refer to a specific solicitation or other documents to see if electronic submissions or electronic signatures are permitted. If permitted, instructions on how to properly submit documentation will appear in the County’s instructions. Multnomah County Purchasing Department's policy on electronic submissions and electronic signatures are as follows: The parties agree that this Agreement and supporting documents may be electronically submitted, the parties further agree that this Agreement may be electronically signed. The parties agree that the electronic signatures appearing on this Agreement are the same as handwritten signatures for the purposes of validity, admissibility, and enforceability.

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