How can I request a refund?

If you received a letter from the county indicating you may be eligible for a refund, fill out the Survey Fee Refund Request form. 

What kinds of recorded documents were affected?

Any real estate document recorded with Multnomah County between July 28, 2016 and October 17, 2016. View a complete list of codes and documents affected:

Recording codes and document types affected by survey fee (145.33 KB)

How do I find out if I will get a refund?

We are researching, identifying and contacting people and organizations who may be eligible for a refund. You will get a letter in the mail if we think you overpaid. If you have questions, contact us in any of the following ways:

When will I get my refund?

We are working quickly to issue refunds to eligible parties.  We will share the refund schedule when it is confirmed.

Does this mean I get a refund on my property taxes?

No, the refund does not apply to property taxes. It only applies to certain real estate documents filed with the county.  


On Aug. 4, 2016 the Board of County Commissioners approved Resolution 2016-074, which retroactively reduced the real estate recording fee on certain documents from $10 to $6, effective July 28, 2016. The fee funds the Public Land Corner Program, which maintains the markers used to identify survey points on the earth’s surface for land surveying.

The recording fee had been $10 since 2012. After a recent increase in housing activity generated more revenue than the Public Land Corner Program required, the County Surveyor requested the recording fee be lowered.