Interested in learning more about Multnomah County history, how to locate public records, or tips on record keeping?

In support of our department mission, we are starting a blog covering these and other topics. We hope you’ll follow us, or find us in your internet searches.

Expect contributions from: 
Jenny Mundy, blog editor and contributor on electronic records and archives;
Terry Baxter, archivist;
Dwight Wallis, the captain of this ship and a Certified Records Manager.

Follow our weekly Dive Into the Archives, in which we’ll post a mystery picture from our archives on Tuesday. In the comments, give your best guess or fill us in with extra details. We’ll reveal the details about the picture on Friday.

You can also expect a post every other week on locating public records, tips on managing records at home and at work, the connection between records management and public accountability, highlights from our permanent collections, and other related topics.

Feel free to comment on any of the posts, or send us an email at
Disclaimer: Keep it classy. We respect free speech but reserve the right to remove comments that are inappropriate, unlawful, or just plain spam.


Jenny Mundy, Editor