"Do you know where there are any personages of historical significance around here?" Bill

We often see history as something academics tell other academics about "important" people. But you could also see history as a rope braided of individual stories used to transmit a sense of the past to the present. The more stories included in this rope, the bigger and stronger it becomes. We use history to understand ourselves and how we got to this place. We create archives to allow future historians to use our experience to make sense of their world.

As part of the Oregon Archives Crawl, we will be inviting crawl participants to share their thoughts on archives, history, and heritage. Between 1pm and 3pm on October 15th, in the Central Library's US Bank Room, Terry Baxter will conduct short (5 minute) video interviews that we will post on the Archives Crawl website. If you decide to be interviewed, you'll need to sign a release. We'll also have a signup sheet. You can sign up anytime during the day, but you'll need to be there for your assigned slot in order to be interviewed.

We need more than just "personages of historical significance" in the narratives we use to move our story and culture from generation to generation. We need YOUR voice, too! So occupy history and make your important voice heard.