The County Records Program has been quietly putting information about its collections into an archives management system called Archon. This web-based system will allow people to browse or search collections. One of the first collections in Archon was the Delta Park Recreation Commission. The primary activity of the commission was to develop a 1964 ballot measure for a domed professional football and baseball stadium (see artist's conception above) to be located in Delta Park. The measure was defeated, but during this Super Bowl season football fans can dream about what might have been!

The County Archives has recently received two new collections of county records. The first collection was received from the Land Use and Transportation Division. It includes records from the very early development of a road system in Multnomah County to records of the 1996 flood and includes all sorts of goodies! It has been arranged and described and partially entered into the Archon system.

The archives has also received the records of the Office of Diversity and Equity. These records date from the mid 1970's, just a decade after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, and document the development of a diverse and inclusive community in Multnomah County. These records are currently being processed.

Processing is an activity archivists use that describes taking in records as they come from an office, arranging them in a useful order, providing descriptive information that makes them easier to research, and performing any preservation necessary to make sure the records will still be around for future researchers. While records are being processed, they are only available for research under supervision of staff.

Records Program staff will continue to add descriptive information into Archon, so continue to check back and see what's in the system. See our Archon page for information on navigating Archon, optional registration, and accessing materials.