The County Archives received the County Sheriff's Office history files a couple years ago. While they have been available for research for some time, we have begun digitizing a group of motion picture films included in the collection. The films are in several formats, include color and black and white, have sound occasionally, and cover all sorts of activities of the Sheriff's Office and of the county in general.

Like photographs before them, films provide a strong emotional link to the past. Humans are visual animals and the ability to see something as it actually was resonates in a different, and often stronger, way than text-based records might. But caution is warranted. Photographs and films are often edited to provide a distinct point of view. That doesn't invalidate them; it's just something consider when determining the truth and accuracy of a source.

We have digitized the films both to provide better access to them as well as to help preserve them. We will be making the rest available soon, but for now, you can view this film and get a taste.