98 cubic feet; 45 volumes; 4264 rolls of microfilm; 1 electronic folder

Scope and Content Note

The records in the collection document the activities of the Sheriff's office from about 1932 onward. While some records exist in this collection from about 15 years earlier, they are spotty at best. There are no records in the custody of the archives that document the years 1854-1917. Whether those records still exist within the Sheriff's Office, within other archives collections, or have been destroyed is not known at this time. The Oregon Historical Society has some records of the County Sheriff's Office from that time period in its Multnomah County Collection.

The records document most activities of the Sheriff's Office, but the emphasis is spotty. There is minimal documentation of the Sheriff's role as tax collector and none related to early responsibilities as animal control agensts. The largest group of records by volume is the Special Officers Reports -- a variety of reports on crimes, officials actions, investigations, and police work. This series has a continual run from 1932 until 2001. There is also a wealth of visual evidence, including photographs, motion pictures, slides, and videotapes. Most of it dates from the 1940's but some isolated examples exist from as early as 1918.

Sheriff's reports and newsletters provide broad documentation of the department from 1932 until the office stopped producing reports in the mid 1990's. There is also a good selection of staff records from around 1950 until about 1980. It is not comprehensive, however, and the reasons for choice/compilation are unclear.

The records in the collection have a variety of levels of processing. Some only have title, date and volume information. Ohers have more detail. The County Sheriff's Office History Collection, an artifical collection assembled by the Sheriff's Office from ca. 1974 until 2007, has been processed to the folder level. Series descriptions indicate the level of processing and include control numbers associated with them.


The collection is organized by organizational unit and by series within each unit. The units are listed below and link to their series descriptions.

Administration (1922-2009)
Administration/Planning and Research (1930-1997)
Corrections Division (1918-1972)
Enforcement Division (1932-2001)
Support Division (1919-1966)