Putting Together Your Request 

Locating Records

  • Confirm that the records you want are located at Multnomah County
  • Check to see if the records are available online

Retention Schedules

  • Find out the typical records a county program has, and how long those records are maintained.
  • This will help you target your requests, and know what is available to be requested. 

Submit Your Request

Government Accountability

Public records laws ensure that not only does the county maintain the records we need to be successful in our day to day operations, but also that we can provide evidence of the work we do and the way we spend public funds. The public has a right to inspect public records, as well as to have their personal information that appears in public records to be protected from unauthorized disclosure. 

Looking to report suspected fraud, abuse of position, or misuse of county resources? Submit a report to the County Auditor's Good Government Hotline.