We are updating the Multnomah County Road Rules (MCRR), and we want to know what you think.

What are the Road Rules?

Our Road Rules are the basic rules for how we manage our roads. They are used in combination with Multnomah County Code (MCC) and our Design and Construction Manual (DCM). They provide administrative guidelines for county roads, including use of county right-of-way.

The Road Rules are also used as "Street Standards Rules" by Land Use Planning. They are one of the tools that set standards for street design and improvements.

What's changing?

The proposed amendments include:

  • Housekeeping updates –formatting changes that make the rules more accessible and easier for customers and staff to navigate.
  • Technical updates – several references are outdated.
  • New updates – new sections that reflect changes in the transportation planning and engineering field.

Highlights of the proposed amendments include:

  • New provisions to address development setbacks from the Willamette River Bridges (i.e. Hawthorne, Burnside, Broadway, Sellwood, Morrison, and Sauvie Island); see Section 25.
  • New provisions are added to address stormwater and drainage, and provide standards for stormwater management and impact to county facilities; see Section 26.
  • New provisions to dealing with the administrative and permitting processes for two programs that occur within County roadways: (1) the Adopt a Road Program, and (2) the Owner Vegetation Maintenance Program; see Sections 23 and 24.
  • Amendments to the glossary to reflect a 2008 MCC update that included road-related definitions; see Section 3.
  • Clarifications to sections of MCRR related to possible requirements for roadway improvements and engineering review; see Section 6.
  • Revisions to sections related to access points were amended to provide clear criteria for when a property owner may seek a second access without requiring a Road Rules Variance; see Section 16.
  • New development requirements for Local Access Roads based on the number of houses located on the Local Access Road; see Section 11. 

How to comment

Our proposed new Road Rules were published on February 12, 2018. The review and comment period is open through February 26. All comments must be received by the close of business on February 26.

Comments may be submitted on the form below. You may also email comments to roadrules@multco.us, or submit them by mail to:
Joanna Valencia
Multnomah County Transportation
1600 SE 190th Avenue
Portland, OR 97233

To obtain a printed copy of the proposed rules or ask any questions, you may call Joanna Valencia at 503.988.0219. However, all comments must be submitted in writing.

Tell us what you think

We are interested in your feedback on this project. Please fill in the form below if you have comments, questions or suggestions.

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