NW Cornelius Pass Road is closed to all through traffic between Highway 30 and NW Germantown Road until the evening of Friday, October 18 2019. Access for local and emergency traffic will be provided up to NW 8th Ave., where the road is being realigned.

Closing the road for construction will impact many drivers, especially drivers of large trucks.  Several factors influenced the traffic plan:

  • A full road closure allows construction to be completed in one summer, instead of two. This is the fastest and least expensive option.
  • The work zone is too narrow to safely keep one lane of traffic open.
  • Keeping one lane open during the work would create long traffic backups and increase the construction schedule and cost.
  • The detour routes are longest for trucks carrying hazardous cargo, followed by large trucks, followed by cars and small trucks.
    Detour route for cars and pickup trucks during Cornelius Pass Road closure.

Detour for Cars and Pickup Trucks

  • From Highway 30, use NW Newberry Road to NW Skyline Blvd. to NW Old Cornelius Pass Road to rejoin NW Cornelius Pass Road in Washington County. The westbound route is the reverse.
  • A temporary traffic signal has been installed at NW Newberry Road and Highway 30 to allow detour traffic to safely turn left or right onto Highway 30.
  • Stop signs have been repositioned at the intersection of NW Newberry Road and NW Skyline Blvd. to provide free-flowing movement for traffic on the detour route.

Detour for Large Trucks

Large trucks are not permitted on side roads near NW Cornelius Pass Road, including the detour route for cars and pickup trucks.

  • The westbound detour for trucks from Highway 30 is south to I-405 to west on Highway 26 to NW Cornelius Pass Road.
  • The eastbound detour is the reverse.

Detour for Trucks with Hazardous Cargo

Trucks carrying hazardous cargo are not permitted to use the Vista Tunnel on Highway 26.

  • The westbound detour for trucks carrying hazardous cargo from Highway 30 is south to I-405, to south on I-5, to west on Highway 217, to west on Highway 26 to NW Cornelius Pass Road.
  • The eastbound detour is the reverse.
    Detour routes for trucks during NW Cornelius Pass Road closure.