May 22, 2020

Multnomah County is nearing completion of a rebuild of Arata Road in the City of Wood Village.   One of the final construction tasks is to complete work in the intersection of Arata Road and 238th Drive, a major north/south arterial road.  This work will require the closure of the intersection from 4 am on Tuesday, May 26 until as late as Thursday night on May 28, weather permitting.  The work was originally scheduled this week and postponed due to rain.

The closure will allow the contractor to remove old asphalt, install traffic signal loop detectors, and complete final paving and lane striping.

Traffic Plan

  • Local residents will have access to their homes, but may need to take a longer route.

  • Arata Road and 238th Drive will be open up to the intersection to allow nearby residents to come and go.

  • Alternate routes for through traffic are:

    • For 238th Drive: Halsey Street and either 223rd Ave. or 257th Drive to Glisan Street or Cherry Park Road.

    • For Arata Road: Wood Village Blvd. to Halsey Street or Glisan Street.

  • Neighbors living east of 238th Drive can exit to 238th Drive or Halsey Street via Ash Ave., Birch Ave., Maple Blvd. or Treehill Drive.   

After the intersection work is complete, the remaining work on Arata Road will be performed this summer on the west side of Wood Village Blvd. where a new culvert and sidewalk section will be built. This work may require temporary closures of traffic lanes and sidewalks west of Wood Village Blvd.  

For more information, visit  Multnomah County has jurisdiction for Arata Road and more than 270 miles of roads in rural and urban areas.

Map for Arata Road and 238th Drive intersection closure from May 26-28.