December 6, 2019
Pouring concrete for driveway on Arata Road, Nov 2019.

Recent Work

  • Installed concrete sidewalks, ADA ramps and driveways on north side
  • Electrical work for streetlights and traffic signal installation
  • Work on stormwater planters
  • Mailbox and sign installation

Traffic Control

  • Eastbound traffic is using the south lane of Arata Road, which is open eastbound only between Wood Village Blvd. and NE 238th Drive. Arata Road is open to two-way traffic between NE 223rd Ave. and Wood Village Blvd.
  • Pedestrians and people with disabilities are using newly installed sidewalks and ADA ramps on the south side of Arata Road.
  • 20 mph construction zone continues on Arata Road.


  • Update: One-way traffic on Arata Road will continue until the ADA ramps are completed at the NE 238th Drive intersection, scheduled in January. This will allow the contractor to work on two ADA ramps at the same time instead of one, and maintain pedestrian access.
  • Additional utility conflicts pushed some work at the intersection of Arata Road and 238th Drive into the 2020 construction season. Some of this work cannot be performed in the winter. Remaining work includes asphalt milling, final lift paving, striping and installation of signal loop detectors.
  • Culvert/pipe extensions and sidewalk work on the west side of Wood Village Blvd. will occur in 2020 after a permit is completed.
  • This construction season is expected to wrap up in January 2020. Work will resume in the spring. Coordination and design changes related to the new traffic signal at 238th Drive impacted the schedule.
    Installing soil at new stormwater swale.