February 7, 2020

Recent Work

Preparing stormwater planters, Feb 2020.
  • Complete concrete ADA ramps at 238th Drive and Arata Road

  • Complete new flashing beacon at 223rd Ave. and Arata Road

  • Complete driveway paving

  • Complete landscape planters

  • Pave around two ADA ramps at 238th Drive and Arata Road. Two more ramps will be paved on Feb. 7, 2020.

Traffic Control

  • Two-way traffic on Arata Road will resume today after paving is completed.

  • Normal traffic operations in place after Feb. 7, 2020 until work resumes this spring/summer. 

  • Pedestrians and people with disabilities are using newly installed sidewalks and ADA ramps on the south side of Arata Road.


In the next few weeks the contractor will be doing clean-up work that will not impact traffic.  In spring/summer 2020 the contractor will complete several work items that cannot be done during winter months, including:

  • Remaining work at the 238th Drive and Arata Road intersection, including asphalt milling, final lift paving, striping and installation of signal loop detectors.
  • Culvert/pipe extensions and sidewalk work on the west side of Wood Village Blvd., after a permit is completed.

Project Website: www.multco.us/arata

Preparing Arata Road stormwater planters Feb 2020.