February 13, 2018

Multnomah County’s Transportation Planning and Development Program is seeking public comments on proposed changes to the county’s Road Rules, which set administrative guidelines for county roads, including use of county right-of-way along county roads and bridges. Multnomah County is responsible for nearly 300 miles of roads in unincorporated rural and urban areas and in the east county cities of Fairview, Maywood Park, Troutdale, and Wood Village, as well as six Willamette River bridges.

The rules were last updated in 2004. Highlights of the proposed changes include:

  • Provisions to address development setbacks from the Willamette River bridges
  • Provisions to address stormwater and drainage
  • Administrative and permitting processes for the Adopt a Road Program, and the Owner Vegetation Maintenance Program
  • Clearer criteria for when a property owner may seek a second access without requiring a Road Rules Variance
  • Technical and housekeeping updates to remove outdated text and make the rules easier to access and understand

The proposed amendments are available:

  • Online: www.multco.us/roadrules
  • Email: Contact joanna.valencia@multco.us
  • Phone: Contact Joanna Valencia at 503-988-0219
  • In person: 8 am to 4 pm, Tuesday through Friday, at the Transportation Planning and Development Office, 1620 SE 190th Ave., Gresham, Oregon, 97233. (Copies may be purchased for 30 cents per page.)

Comments on the proposed rules should be submitted by the close of business on Monday, February 26, 2018. Any person may request in writing that the action on the rule adoption be postponed or request a public hearing before the close of business on February 26. All requests after February 26 will be denied.  Postponement requests should be directed to Joanna Valencia at the contact information above.

For more information about Multnomah County roads, visit www.multco.us/roads.