August 28, 2020

Recent Work

Construction of safety improvements at two locations between Highway 30 and NW Skyline Blvd. continues to go well. Good weather has also helped. Work is on schedule for the road to reopen in late September.

Pouring concrete for culvert wing wall near NW 8th Ave.

NW 8th Ave. Curve

  • A hard closure of NW Cornelius Pass Road is in place near NW 8th Ave. where a new culvert is being installed under the road. 

  • Concrete forms for wing walls at the end of the culvert will be removed today, after the concrete has cured or hardened.  Forms from the final concrete pour will be stripped on Monday. 

  • Next week, after the concrete forms are removed, the contractor will add backfill behind the wing walls. 

  • Riprap boulders and fishrock will be installed in the streambed near the end of the culvert starting next week.

  • Next week the contractor will clear vegetation in the road shoulder and install plants on a bioslope that will drain to a new bioswale that will detain and treat stormwater from the road before it enters the creek.

  • After Labor Day roadway work will begin near the culvert. The contractor will mill or remove the top layer of asphalt in preparation for final paving. 

S Curves
Laying down top layer of pavement on Cornelius Pass Road S curves.

  • This week the contractor applied the base and top layers of paving in the realigned curves. The road was realigned to reduce vehicle rollover accidents.

  • A bioswale is being built to treat stormwater that drains from the road. Concrete barriers are being installed with an inlet for the stormwater. 

  • A concrete foundation for a steel traffic impact attenuator (at the end of a guardrail) will be built next week. 

  • New road signs will be installed.

  • Poles were installed today for flashing beacons that will alert drivers of approaching curves. 


  • Road Closure: NW Cornelius Pass Road is closed to through traffic between Highway 30 and NW Skyline through September during construction.  

  • Use Caution on Side Roads: Please drive with caution on west hills side roads, including the main detour on NW Newberry Road and NW Skyline Blvd.  Neighbors report an increase in speeding vehicles and heavy traffic on roads such as NW McNamee Road.  Please use caution and drive within the speed limit on these narrow, winding and steep roads where sight distance is limited.

  • Thank you Truckers: Compared to last summer, our flaggers are seeing far fewer large trucks trying to use west hills side roads where they are not allowed for safety reasons.  We appreciate all the truck drivers who are taking the long detour this summer which helps keep us safe.  We hope they will appreciate the improvements when Cornelius Pass Road reopens next month.

  • Other Road Work:  ODOT’s I-405 Ramp project continues until this fall and may impact trucks on our detour route that uses I-405 and Highway 26.  

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