July 31, 2020

Recent Work
First bottom segment of new culvert installed at NW 8th Ave.

NW 8th Ave. Curve

  • A hard closure of NW Cornelius Pass Road is in place near NW 8th Ave. where the road has been excavated for a culvert replacement.  No vehicles can pass this hard closure until late September.

  • The old culvert has been removed and the contractor installed base fill and foundation material.  Some bottom segments of the new pre-cast concrete culvert have been installed.  All of the bottom segments should be installed next week.

  • Fish rock will be installed on the bottom of the new culvert to replicate a natural stream bed.

  • After the bottom segments of the culvert are installed, the contractor will add backfill along the sides of the culvert and begin installing the top culvert segments.

S Curves

  • After asphalt was milled down on the S curves, a conflict with an underground utility was discovered.  The project is coordinating with the utility to resolve this issue.  

  • The road is being realigned through the S curves to soften the transition between two curves.  This should reduce the number of truck rollover crashes at this location.  

Laying base for new culvert at NW 8th Ave 7-30-20.

NW Cornelius Pass Road remains closed to through traffic between Highway 30 and NW Skyline through September during construction. 

  • Caution on Side Roads:  Please drive with caution on the narrow and steep side roads where sight distance is limited.  NW Newberry Road is the preferred detour, with a traffic signal at Highway 30. 

  • Logie Trail Road closed to through traffic:  Logie Trail Road is closed to through traffic while Cornelius Pass Road is closed. The closure prevents cut-through traffic and large trucks from using this narrow, steep road.  

  • Other Road Work:  Highway 26 Vista Ridge Tunnel:  A contractor working for ODOT will close two of three lanes in the tunnel to install new LED lighting from 9 pm to 6 am Monday through Thursday nights until August 7.  For Cornelius Pass users, this may impact detoured truck trips on weeknights. At least one lane will always be open in each direction in the tunnel.  There will be some night closures of ramps leading to the tunnel.  

For more information:  Visit: www.multco.us/cornpass