September 18, 2020

Recent Work

Work on safety improvements at two locations between Highway 30 and NW Skyline Blvd. is nearing the finish line.  Work was cancelled two days this week due to unhealthy air quality and some paving was postponed due to rain. Weather permitting, we still expect to reopen the road at the end of September. 

Paving NW Cornelius Pass Road on 9-17-2020.
NW 8th Ave. Curve

  • A hard closure of NW Cornelius Pass Road is in place near NW 8th Ave. where a new culvert was installed under the road.  Barricades are placed so that emergency vehicles can pass if needed.  

  • Slopes near the culvert were cleared and rocked and prepared for planting.

  • The base layer of road paving was applied.  The top paving layer will be placed on Sept. 21, weather permitting.

  • In-water work in the creek that passes through the culvert is complete.

  • Next week the road will be striped and rumble strips installed, weather permitting.

  • Next week the contractor will finish the road shoulder, work on landscaping, install signs and work on small punchlist tasks

New barriers in S curves on Cornelius Pass Road, 9-18-2020.
S Curves

  • Final electrical work was completed for new flashing beacons that will alert drivers entering the S curves.

  • New concrete barriers were washed and painted. Reflectors will be installed next week.

  • Base and top paving layers have been completed.

  • Next week lane striping will be applied and an impact attenuator installed at the end of the guardrail.  Landscaping and lane delineator work is also planned.


  • Road Closure: NW Cornelius Pass Road is closed to through traffic between Highway 30 and NW Skyline through September during construction.  

  • Use Caution on Side Roads: Please drive with caution on west hills side roads, including the main detour on NW Newberry Road and NW Skyline Blvd.  Neighbors report an increase in speeding vehicles and heavy traffic on roads such as NW McNamee Road.  Please use caution and drive within the speed limit on these narrow, winding and steep side roads.

  • ODOT Interstate Bridge Construction: The northbound I-5 bridge over the Columbia River is closed Sept. 12-20 for repairs, which will create traffic delays on I-5 and possibly on I-205. Details at ODOT website.  ODOT has postponed work on I-405 next week. 

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