September 22, 2017
Culvert and downstream headwall before return of creek, 9-18-2017


The contractor made good progress on the concrete headwall on the downstream side of the culvert that will carry Beaver Creek under SE Stark Street (see photo).  

Heavy rains this week created some challenges for the project.  Beaver Creek normally has a low flow at this time of year. The creek has been diverted around the new culvert in a pipe this summer.  This week's heavy rains created a leak in the bypass pipe carrying the creek and also in a stormwater line near the culvert. Repairs were made, but there was so much water in the creek that it managed to travel through the culvert, where the contractor is working to finish the new streambed (see photo).  

Since drier weather is forecast for the next week, the contractor will divert the creek back into the bypass pipe so that the streambed work inside the culvert can be completed next week. Beaver Creek should be diverted back into the culvert permanently by the end of September.

After the streambed work, the contractor will begin excavating for the head wall on the upstream side of the culvert.  Meanwhile, the contractor is backfilling soil around the culvert in preparation for building the road bed for SE Stark Street.

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After rainstorm, Beaver Creek returned to culvert being built under Stark St, 9-21-2017