August 18, 2017

Workers build footings for Beaver Creek culvert below SE Stark Street
Workers build footings for Beaver Creek culvert below SE Stark Street
Stark Street Culvert weekly update for August 18

Traffic: Neighbors on SW Corbeth Lane reported that some drivers drove around the barricades near 27th Way by driving on the sidewalk and parking strip.  This week county staff placed barricades on the parking strips, which appears to have resolved this problem. The sidewalks are open.  See photo.


Concrete was poured this week for the base of the west footing for the culvert. Today through Monday the contractor is forming and placing rebar for the rest of the west footing and for the east footing.

On August 22 concrete will be poured for the top section of the west footing and the base of the east footing.

Concrete will be poured for the top piece of the east footing on August 23.  On August 24, the contractor can begin installation of the metal culvert sections. The sections of the arch need to be bolted together.

Installation of the culvert will take about a week. During this time the contractor will also form the creek bed, which will include large boulders to create pools for migrating fish.

Upcoming tasks are to pour concrete for the headwall and start building retaining walls. After these structures are installed, the contractor can begin backfilling earth above and on both sides of the culvert, and then rebuild the road over the culvert.

The contractor is working on some Saturdays and early evenings to maintain the schedule.

Project in the news: A reporter and photographer from the Gresham Outlook visited the site last week, leading to this construction update article.

SW Corbeth Lane barricade added to parking strip