August 25, 2017

Building footings for the culvert that will carry Beaver Creek under Stark Street
Construction:  Concrete has been poured for the base of the culvert footings.  Today concrete will be poured for the top portion of the footings.  On Monday, August 28 the contractor will begin installing sections of the steel arch culvert, which will be bolted together.  The contractor will also be working next week on the streambed inside the culvert.  Large boulders will be placed in the streambed to create pools for migrating fish.

Rebar is being installed for the culvert’s headwall. The next task will be to build retaining walls. After these structures are installed, the contractor can backfill earth and then rebuild the road over the culvert.

The contractor is working some Saturdays and early evenings to maintain the schedule. The goal is to reopen the road in late September.

Beaver Creek culvert under construction, with diverted creek in pipe at left.