September 15, 2017

Construction Update

The contractor has completed installation of the steel arch culvert that will carry Beaver Creek under SE Stark Street. The contractor has also started to add fill along the sides of the culvert. A lot of fill needs to be added before the road is rebuilt over the top of the culvert.

On September 13, concrete was poured for the headwall on the downstream side of the culvert, and for a cast-in-place wall. Forms were removed on September 15.

During the weekend of September 16-17, the contractor will start installing a block wall and continue adding backfill.

Next week the contractor expects to complete work in the streambed inside the culvert.  Work to add backfill and construct retaining walls continues next week.

Completed steel culvert before fill is added, 9-14-2017

Headwall of Beaver Creek culvert and view through new steel culvert, 9-14-2017