Multnomah County staff and a design firm are reviewing crash data as they study possible Cornelius Pass Road safety improvements to be constructed in 2015.  Here’s an update about the safety project since the last public meeting in April 2013: 

  • The county has confirmed that it can consider safety improvements beyond those recommended in the 2011 JTA report.  (The report is available on the project’s website.)
  • The project’s next public meeting will be scheduled this fall, to allow the project team to gather more information, including more details about crash locations.
  •  Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the project have been posted to the project’s website.
  • Comments may be submitted by e-mail to

July Maintenance Work

ODOT has announced plans to close the entrance to NW Cornelius Pass Road at Highway 30 from 10 pm on Friday, July 19 until 4:30 am on Wednesday, July 24, as part of the overall project to make safety improvements at the intersection. NW Newberry Road and NW Rocky Point Road, to and from NW Skyline Blvd., will be the posted detour routes. Large trucks should use Highway 26 and trucks with hazardous loads should use Highway 217.  U.S. 30 will remain open. For information, visit ODOT’s project page.

Multnomah County plans to perform road maintenance and take field measurements for the safety project on Cornelius Pass Road during the closure for the ODOT work.  County work will include: 

  • Pavement repairs near the tunnel curves on July 22 – 23
  • Measuring sight distances at intersections and curves
  • Collecting survey information and pavement coring samples

 Local residents will be able to access Cornelius Pass Road from Skyline Boulevard and connections further to the south.

 Multnomah County maintains Cornelius Pass Road and more than 300 miles of roads and bridges.  For more information, visit the project website or contact Mike Pullen, Communications Office at 503-209-4111 (