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Free, confidential information about health, community and social services near you. Calls answered in over 150 languages.

Arts Tax

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Each Portland resident, age 18 and older, must file either and Arts Tax Return or an Arts Tax Exemption. Arts Tax

Business License

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The City of Portland Revenue Bureau administers business taxes for Portland and Multnomah County.

Circuit Court

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The circuit court covers: jury duty, parking, small claims, small estate, traffic, etc.

District Attorney

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The Multnomah County District Attorney is responsible for prosecuting offenders who commit state criminal law violations committed in Multnomah County.


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Nineteen neighborhood libraries, 2 million books and other materials, nearly 900 computer search systems, hundreds of engaging events. One diverse community library system.

Sheriff's Office

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Multnomah County Sheriff's Office provides corrections, law enforcement, river patrol, and search and rescue services.

Syringe Disposal

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Everything you wanted to know about keeping our neighborhoods safe and clean.