Community Efforts to Abolish Sexual Exploitation - Information Team (CEASE-IT)

This team is a Multnomah County managed, volunteer led, team of trained volunteer speakers available to come to your group or club to talk about the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in our community.

Types of Presentations:

There are a number of presentations this group can offer. All versions will allow for questions from the group, offer information on the issue, and discuss how individuals can help. Some examples are below:

  • Viewing of a short documentary or video about child sex trafficking followed by a conversation.
  • A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation that will dive into the issues –varying lengths available.
  • Casual conversations

The team leaders will work with you to develop the appropriate presentation and length for your group. We do ask that you provide enough time so that all your members have the opportunity to absorb the information they have heard. We prefer at least an hour, though we have successful handled shorter requests.

Optional Donations:

We offer this service free of charge. If your group would like to donate to support the victims in your area, at the time of the event we will accept donations and distribute them to the service providers that work with youth in our community.  

All donations are collected through Giving Connection, who works in partnership with the Multnomah County as a clearing house for community donations to support commercially exploited youth.  You may contact them at

The most useful items for service providers are gift cards in small denominations that can be used to buy the child a meal, coffee, or needed personal item. These cards are also given to the child so they can make their own choices.

For more information about community presentations please fill out our presentation request webform.