Hunger and low food security can have negative consequences for children and their families in SUN Community Schools (SUN CS) and their neighborhoods.

A 10 year study from the University of Calgary found that:

  • Short-term or intermittent exposure to hunger leads to poorer overall health for children
  • Chronic exposure was associated with higher rates of chronic illnesses and asthma

Other Negative Consequences

Other negative consequences associated with hunger and low food security include:

Health Related

  • Lower birth weights
  • Increased obesity
  • Decreased or delayed cognitive ability
  • Higher rates of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression (both parents and their children)

Educational Consequences of Hunger

  • Lower test scores
  • Increased behavioral problems

Socioeconomic Consequences of Hunger

  • Higher rates of homelessness
  • Reduced economic opportunities

Hunger Resources and Information

Hunger Relief Contact Information

For information about SUN Hunger Relief efforts or how we can partner please contact:

Frances Hall
SUN Hunger Relief Coordinator
Phone: 503-988-2470 / Email: