A 2009-12 initiative of the SUN Service System Division of Multnomah County Human Services, Linkage supported school readiness and success by connecting Multnomah County's SUN Community Schools model to its early childhood system of supports.

These early childhood efforts promoted:

  • Coordinated, successful transition to school
  • Supported, supportive and engaged families
  • Regular attendance in the early grades
  • Community engagement in the science of early learning.

Although the Linkage Initiative ended, these goals continue to be at the center of many of SUN's early childhood strategies.

Linkage Campaigns

Linkage supports these goals through two community wide campaigns:

  1. Kindergarten Counts  
  2. Mind in the Making.

Linkage Videos

Watch these videos about our efforts:

Linkage Flyers

Linkage Overview (187.3 KB)
Overview of Kindergarten Counts (113.83 KB)
Overview of Multnomah Mind in the Making (132.49 KB)

Linkage Partners

Linkage Staff Contact

Brooke Chilton-Timmons