September is Bike Commute Challenge (BCC) month! The BCC is an annual event sponsored by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to encourage people to try bike commuting, or to make it a regular habit for those who already ride on occasion. The event is meant to be fun, and there are prizes (and recognition) for winning teams and store discounts available for everyone who participates.

What if I don't have an easy bike commute?

You don't have to ride everyday or even all the way to work to participate! If you bike to the transit station that counts. Even a single day of bike commuting during the entire month is great way to be a part of the Challenge. Last year the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality won the BCC in the organizations with over 500 employees category with less than a 10% participation rate. The County Green Team thinks that Multnomah County can do better.

How do I participate?

The BCC has a great website that will get you logged in and login miles in just a couple of minutes. Click here to get started. The friendly folks at the BTA are also available to help you, and the County Green Team is also happy to help you get on your way. 

Which County team should I join?

There are a number of county teams that already exist, take a look at the list below and if you see one for your building or program just enter that name in the team name box when filling out your profile. If you don't see your building or program listed, go ahead and create one using the organization name "Multnomah County". This will allow staff and the community to see how many miles we have logged countywide. If you do add a new team, please send a quick email to with the new team name and we will add it to this page.

Thanks for supporting the 2011 Bike Commute Challenge, let's see how many miles we can log here at Multnomah County!

Current teams under the organization "Multnomah County"

  • ADS - East County
  • ADS - Mid County Branch
  • ADS - SE Branch
  • Animal Services
  • APS (Adult Protective Services)
  • Banfield Building Bridge Shop
  • DA's Office
  • Domestic Violence P & P
  • Health Department - Gateway CC
  • Health Department - Gateway CC
  • Health Department - McCoy Building
  • Health Department - SEHC
  • Health Department - SEHIV
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Library
  • Lincoln Building
  • Mead Building
  • Multnomah Building
  • Office of Sustainability
  • Yeon Building
Commuters on the Hawthorne, by Flickr user jordan_n22