Our mission at Multnomah County is to plan for the needs of a dynamic community, provide leadership to ensure quality services, prioritize the needs of our most vulnerable, and promote a healthy, safe and prosperous community for all. Because even subtle changes in weather and climatic conditions can increase stress on our most vulnerable populations, like those who are elderly, homeless, or otherwise socially or economically disadvantaged, we are working to address climate change. Multnomah County Office of Sustainability seeks to reduce climate change impacts by addressing changes that we already see happening, planning and preparing the community for future changes, and preventing drastic climate change, both locally and globally, by curbing emissions here and now.

Climate Change Effects on the Pacific NW:

  • Shrinking of Mt. Hood's glaciers
  • More frequent heat waves
  • Higher average summer temperatures
  • Wetter winters and drier summers
  • Less reliable water supplies
  • Reduced hydroelectric power capacity