Columbia Corridor Industrial Property For Sale

Multnomah County acquired this property through tax foreclosure.  The Property has been the site of extensive environmental remediation.  According to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality: The Nuway Oil Company operated a used oil re-refining facility at the site from 1935 to 1987. The Record of Decision was issued in January 2006. The cleanup at the site included soil excavation, sediment dredging, bank stabilization, and site capping. Long term maintenance of the property is required due to contamination remaining under the cap.

Because of the complexity of the property, the sale approval is dependent upon a purchaser’s ability to successfully negotiate a Prospective Purchaser Agreement and related agreements with DEQ.  The Purchase Price is fixed at $39,750, however, the full acquisition cost will include a Settlement Payment of $80,000 to a dedicated Columbia Slough Fund through DEQ as a condition of the PPA.

Please review the attached Earnest Money Agreement and the DEQ website:  If after review there is an interest in acquiring this property, please contact Mike Sublett,  Upon qualification of experience with PPAs and related agreements, a meeting with DEQ Regional staff will be scheduled for next steps, including a site visit.  All properties are sold “AS IS”. Potential purchasers should thoroughly investigate all aspects of the Property prior to entering into an agreement.  Multnomah County does not guarantee or warrant that any parcel is usable for any particular purpose

PLEASE Review the package:

R317597 Offering Package April 2017 (635.38 KB)