Vet CorpsContribute to the team that helps Multnomah County veterans and their families receive all state and federal veterans’ benefits available to them by providing them effective and dedicated representation free of charge.

How to apply

Veterans' Services trainings are led by skilled volunteer VetCorp members.

Potential applicants can apply here. Check the box for Veterans Services on the application.

Please specify the type of Volunteer service and review Volunteer Description.

Position descriptions

Veterans’ Services Volunteer Corp Member 

The Veterans Services Volunteer Corp (VetCorp) is a project within the Multnomah County Veterans’ Services Office that has been designed to identify and address the barriers faced by vulnerable and underserved populations of veterans and their families within Multnomah County, in order to ultimately influence the expansion of services to all veterans statewide. 

View the Veterans’ Services Volunteer Corp Member job description

Office Work Study Inter Office Assistant and Outreach Assistant 

The Work-Study/Inter Office and Outreach Assistant will support Multnomah County Veterans’ Service Officers and may engage in veterans services-related activities

View the Office Work Study Inter Office Assistant and Outreach Assistant job description


The Veterans’ Services Intern Position is designed to provide support to the County Veterans’ Service Officers and contribute to the scope of services the Veterans’ Services Office is able to provide Multnomah County veterans and their families. It is a versatile position and can be adapted to the specific strengths and goals of the intern.

View the intern job description.