November 8, 2012

Oregon Army National Guard and Iraq War veteran Mathew Brady often thinks of the nine soldiers he knew who died while serving their country.

“I always take a little bit of time to think them,” says Brady, a Multnomah County property manager. “A lot of times several of us will get together, and we think about all of the things we’ve done. We also think about honoring others. We make sure that we put a very large flag up to make sure people understand that this country is important.”

Brady, one of 400 veterans working for Multnomah County, was among the men and women recognized Thursday by the Board of County Commissioners for their service to the community and United States.

The board issued a proclamation at its meeting in observance of Veterans Day on Monday, Nov. 11.

“Veterans Day is about honoring our servicemen and women in every way we can when they get deployed to foreign lands,” Commissioner Diane McKeel said. “It’s also about recognizing the impact made by members of the military, reserves or National Guard in communities across the country after devastating disasters, such as the storm that just hit the East Coast.

“Most importantly, Veterans Day is about doing everything we can to honor our veterans after their call of duty when they return home; when they readjust to civilian life and come back to their family, friends and community; when they try to find a job, a place to live or ways to work through the emotional or physical trauma they may have experienced.”

Learn more about Brady’s story in this video, “Citizen Soldier: Serving in peacetime and in war.”

You can also learn more about veterans services through the Multnomah County’s Veterans’ Services Office. Staff there offer the 40,000 veterans living in Multnomah County and their families support, including helping them apply for Veterans Affairs benefits, find employment, housing and physical and mental health services and provide advocacy in the justice system.

For more information about the Veterans’ Services Office, visit its website or contact 503-988-3620 ext. 25005 or