"I've been working in libraries for over a decade, and Gabe Arciniega is one of the most stellar volunteers I've known. He has been present for as many established library programs—ie, Summer Reading, Truck Town-- as the new creative ones. During one of our more high-maintenance programs—our anime festival White Lotus Con—I was running around trying to get things done, and he was always a few steps behind to both help out yet respectfully stay out of my way. While I was out sick during our Spring Break gaming program, he took it upon himself to mentor staff who were present to observe our programs. No one told him to. He is just eager to help. Through it all, he retains his quiet charm and endearing politeness. I consider Gabe a library ambassador and teen advocate for his peers, and I'm so very thankful for his accomplishments." 

- Violeta Garza, Bilingual Youth Librarian, Troutdale Library