"Gil has excelled at the various tasks and duties he has been given responsibility of since September 2015. Currently Gil is performing the full duties of one of our Records Technician positions, while the permanent staff is on a temporary out of class assignment. He trained for three months and then assumed all responsibilities for that caseload under light supervision of other Record Technicians in the MTCB unit. This is by no means an easy accomplishment, the task and duties of a Records Technician are vast and complex. Gil, performs these tasks and duties at a leveled that would take twice the amount of time; his performance level and aptitude to comprehend the complexity of the work our department performs is impressive by any standards. 

We are grateful to Gil for all his contributions and hard work he contributes to our unit on a daily basis; and are certain he has a bright professional future ahead of him."

 – nominated by Jose Rivas/DCJ