Qualifying Test Registration

The Adult Care Home Program offers three different Qualifying Tests. 

  1. The Developmental Disabilities Qualifying Test is required for all caregivers, resident managers, and operators prior to providing direct care to residents. This test is based on the DD Basic Training Manual. Please study the manual before taking this test. 
  2. The APD Qualifying Test is required for APD and MHA resident managers and operators, and for caregivers who want to become resident manager-qualified. This test is based on the APD Basic Training (Ensuring Quality Care) and on the ACHP Orientation. Please complete these courses before taking this test. 
  3. The Ensuring Quality Care test. This test is based on the Ensuring Quality Care class. The test must be successfully completed within 90 days of completing the class.

Qualifying Test Dates: 

Basic Training Materials

    English Test

    The English Test is required for all resident managers and operators, and may be required for some caregivers. There are no training requirements or study materials for this test. The Adult Care Home Program has partnered with Mt. Hood Community College to offer this test for ACHP applicants. The test includes a reading assessment and a listening assessment. The cost is $10 ($5 per assessment). Testing is offered in 2 locations and testing times are available Monday through Saturday.  Find more details here.  

    Mt. Hood Community College administers the CASAS Life & Work tests for the Adult Care Home Program. CASAS has provided sample test questions for both the reading assessment and listening assessment to help testers get familiar with the format and to practice taking the tests. 

    Mandatory Abuse Reporter Training

    Pre-Service Dementia Training

    Effective 12/1/18 all new APD providers must take an approved class on dementia care before they care work with residents or be approved for any APD role.

    • Existing Operators and Resident Managers will be asked to take the class at renewals.
    • If you have already had your renewal license approved you will have until June 30, 2019 to take an approved class.
    • All existing, currently approved, caregivers will need to take the class as they are renewed and before December 31, 2019 whichever is sooner.
    • Please be aware if a current provider role expires the person will be required to go through the process as a new applicant and will be required to take the class before being approved and able to work with residents.
    • ACHP is aware of 2 approved dementia classes, both are free and offered by Oregon Care Partners. Click on the following links for additional information: 

    Food Handler Training

    • Operators, Resident Managers and caregivers who want to become resident-manager-qualified or who will be left in charge of the home during an Operator or Resident Manager's absence must complete a one-time food handler training.
    • The Multnomah County Health Department website provides a food handler study guide/training manual and information on how to get a food handler card. 
    • Please note that not all food handler cards are approved in the state of Oregon. The Oregon Health Authority’s public health office lists approved and unapproved food handler training and cards here.

    Fire Safety

    Operators, Resident Managers, and caregivers who want to be resident-manager-qualified must complete the online fire safety training and test available at www.safeafhcare.org.