Qualifying Test Registration

The Adult Care Home Program offers four different Qualifying Tests. 

  1. The Developmental Disabilities Qualifying Test is required for all caregivers, resident managers, and operators prior to providing direct care to residents. This test is based on the DD Basic Training Manual. Please study the manual before taking this test. 
  2. The APD Qualifying Test is required for APD and MHA resident managers and operators, and for caregivers who want to become resident manager-qualified. This test is based on the APD Basic Training (Ensuring Quality Care) and on the ACHP Orientation. Please complete these courses before taking this test. 
  3. The English Test is required for all resident managers and operators, and may be required for some caregivers. There are no training requirements or study materials for this test.
  4. The Ensuring Quality Care test. This test is based on the Ensuring Quality Care class. The test must be successfully completed within 90 days of completing the class.

Basic Training Materials

Mandatory Abuse Reporting Online Courses

The State of Oregon offers free online mandatory abuse reporting training. Providers must complete this online training for their classification/certification and print out the certificate of completion. How To Create an iLearns Account (61.54 KB) offers brief written instructions on how to create a free Oregon iLearns account. More detailed written instructions are available here:  iLearn detailed instructions (1.52 MB).

Food Handler Cards

  • The Multnomah County Health Department website provides a food handler study guide/training manual and information on how to get a food handler card. 
  • Please note that not all food handler cards are approved in the state of Oregon. The Oregon Health Authority’s public health office lists approved and unapproved food handler training and cards here.