What are the minimum qualifications to become an Operator or Resident Manager?

Operators and Resident Managers must:

  • Pass an abuse and criminal history background check processed by the Oregon Department of Human Services Background Check Unit
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Demonstrate 7th grade level English proficiency by passing an exam administered by the Adult Care Home Program
  • Be physically and mentally fit and able to provide care as verified by a medical practitioner
  • Have at least the equivalent of 1 year (1664 hours) verifiable experience providing care to adults in the population you intend to serve (Aging & People With Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities, or Mental Health & Addictions).  A current Certified Nursing Assistant certificate counts as 6 months of experience toward class 1 license, as long as  the CNA experience is reflective of population you wish to serve (typically APD)
  • Complete an eight hour Adult Care Home orientation, basic training, and pass the Multnomah County qualifying exam

In addition, Operators must also

  • Have enough financial resources to cover the cost of running your business for at least two months
  • Own or lease a home that meets structural and safety requirements. Before you buy or rent a house, review these Multnomah County Administrative rules Multnomah County Administrative Rules effective 7/1/2017 (1.61 MB), see pages 93-106

What are the steps to becoming a licensed operator in Multnomah County?

Step 1: Review This Site and Pass Fire Safety Test

  • Review all of the information on this website
  • Watch fire safety video at www.safeafhcare.org and pass test. Print fire safety certificate to submit with final application.

Step 2: Take English Test and Submit Background Check

Step 3: Attend ACHP Orientation and Complete Basic Training

  • Attend ACHP Orientation, fee: $55
  • Complete the Basic Training, fee varies. Contact the ACHP office (503-988-3000) for list of approved courses based on the license type you applying for.
  • Complete online mandatory abuse reporting and food handler classes (information available here)
  • Note: If you take the basic training for APD-licensed providers (Ensuring Quality Care) before you take the ACHP Orientation, be sure to take a copy of the Multnomah County Administrative Rules for Adult Care Homes with you to the Ensuring Quality Care course.

Step 4: Pass the Qualifying Test

Note: You must complete both the ACHP Orientation and Basic Training before taking the Qualifying Test. Please bring your certificates for verification.

  • Pass the Qualifying Test (no fee). You may sign yourself up for the Qualifying Test here.
  • You must pass the Qualifying test within 90 days of completing the basic training class or the applicant will be required to repeat the basic training course.

Step 5: Submit Application

  • Upon passing the Qualifying Test (step 4), you will receive a New License application.
  • Complete the application and return to the ACHP office with the required fees. 

How long does it take to get licensed?

It's different for each applicant. You must have verifiable experience and financial reserves. There are two scheduled classes to attend and two scheduled tests which you must pass. You must submit a very detailed application. After we receive a completed application, the turnaround for approval is within 60 days.

You must have purchased or leased a home when you submit your application. It may take a long time to find an appropriate house. Both the operator and the home are licensed at the same time.  

Applicants wishing to open an Adult Care Home outside of Multnomah County can call the Oregon Department of Human Services at 503-945-6403.