Ten-year History

Below are a few of the major issues that have had an impacted on the County over the last ten years.

FY07 - $6.4 million one-time-only payment to schools.

FY08 - Sauvie Island Bridge opened in June 2008; total cost $45.7 million.

FY09 - The County transfers $24 million from the General Fund to retire debt related to County buildings and pay off other debt issues.

- In June 2009, the Motor Vehicle Rental Tax base rates went from 10% to 14.5%.

FY10 - Issued $9.8 million in Full Faith and Credit Obligations to replace the County's data center, telephone enhancements, and other projects.

- Received $8.8 million from the Portland Development Commission to be used for the Downtown Courthouse Hawthorne Bridge ramp relocation project.

FY11 - The $19 million per year Vehicle Registration Fee began, and will be in place for 20 years to provide resources for construction and subsequent debt service requirements for the Sellwood Bridge.

- Rockwood Community Health Center opened in August 2010.

- The County issued $15 million in Full Faith and Credit bonds to finance the construction of the new East County Courthouse.

FY12 - The project to replace the Sellwood Bridge began construction in late FY12.

- The East County Courthouse and Data Center relocation project was completed in the spring of 2012.

FY13 - November 2012, voters approved the formation of a Library District with a permanent rate for property taxes.  The County will continue to operate the library system under an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with the Library District beginning in FY14.

- The County issued $128 million in Full Faith and Credit obligations in December 2012 for the Sellwood Bridge project.

- Southeast Health Center opened in April 2013.

FY14 - About $75 million received for the Sellwood bridge construction project. Two-thirds of the $75 million came from the City of Portland, about $20 million came from federal awards and about $5 million came from direct state funding.

- The County received $10 million from the Portland Development Commission as an initial payment for the construction of a new downtown health department headquarters.

FY15 - The City of Portland contributed $20 million to the Sellwood Bridge project.

FY16 - At the beginning of FY16 the Department of County Human Services (Social Services) transferred the Mental Health and Addictions Services (MHAS) to the Health Department (Health Services).

- The Sellwood Bridge project was completed and the new bridge opened in the spring of 2016.

- The Downtown Courthouse construction project began the design and construction phase.