Draft Climate Change Preparation Strategy released for public comment

March 11, 2014

Southeast Foster Road in Portland flooded after heavy rain in 2009.
Multnomah County and the City of Portland released a two-part document detailing the City/County strategy for dealing with the region’s expected significant climate changes, including warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers. The agencies seek public comment on the documents now through Friday, April 11.

The Climate Change Preparation Strategy: Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment provides an overview of the science and a more detailed review of the potential impacts to human and natural systems, including infrastructure, public health, and plants and animals. The assessment shows that we are already experiencing climate change. Over the last century, the average temperature in Oregon has increased 1.5 degrees fahrenheit. Temperatures will continue to increase through the end of the century, with increasingly severe impacts. These changes in our climate will be experienced as worsening air quality, more disease carrying insects, and increased stress on roads and water systems.

The Climate Change Preparation Strategy uses the assessment as a foundation for identifying actions to prepare for the changing climate. These actions include reducing climate-related vulnerabilities for residents and businesses, and responding to impacts when they do occur. The City/County strategy prioritizes actions that address the most vulnerable in our community, who are low-income, non-white, elderly, live alone or are socially isolated, and have chronic diseases.

You can comment on the documents by clicking here