The vision for the Multnomah County Department of County Human Services (DCHS) is that every person, at every stage of life, will have equitable opportunities to thrive.

Human services provide support for well-being throughout life. We all benefit when everyone can reach their potential and can fully contribute to Multnomah County.

When people and communities lack a solid foundation of social relationships, resources, and opportunities, it becomes hard to weather life’s storms. A recession or ailing parent, for instance, can be catastrophic.

In childhood, DCHS supports people by promoting positive parenting and play, pushing for high-quality education for all children, and making sure children have enough to eat in the summer months.

In adulthood, DCHS can support a young adult with a disability who wants to live in their own home but is unsure how to pay the rent, we can help someone stay in affordable homes for the long haul, and we provide safety and support for a survivor of domestic or sexual violence.  

DCHS supports seniors by doing things like helping older veterans navigate the public programs they’ve earned as part of their service, setting up a class at a senior center to keep people healthy, and protecting older or disabled people who are potentially being abused.