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The Multnomah County Department of Community Justice (DCJ) operates 24 hours a day, with nearly 650 permanent, on-call and temporary employees. Our agency supervises approximately 12,000 probationers and post-prison adult offenders in the community who have been convicted of felony and misdemeanor crimes. Our Recognizance unit also helps process over 30,000 pretrial cases per year. Our Juvenile Services Division is responsible for approximately 360 youth on formal and informal community supervision and operates the Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Facility. Our Family Court Services program provides services to over 1,200 at-risk families as they go through separation and divorce. 

DCJ is recognized as a national leader in both adult and juvenile community justice. We routinely consult and make use of evidence-based practices in our program and policy development. Our commitment to data-informed decision-making has led us to make smart investments of taxpayer dollars in supervision, sanctions and services for the county’s highest risk and highest need offenders. We make long-term investments in our employees through the provision of education and training. We believe that in order to enhance public safety we must work collaboratively with the judiciary, law enforcement, schools, treatment agencies, and the community. 

Mission, Values and Goals

Multnomah County Juvenile Crime Prevention Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

DCJ Decision-Making Model