October 17, 2011

The Department of Community Justice was pleased to learn that the RAIN program will continue to receive grant funding through June, 2013. This past summer, RAIN held it's first ever graduation ceremony at the Gresham Office for the first six graduates of the program. 

The ceremony was well-attended by staff from the Department of Community Justice (DCJ), CODA treatment agency, and family and friends of the graduates. During the ceremony, each client was offered an opportunity to speak about how the RAIN program has impacted his/her life.

"This program saved my life." -- Craig (successfully completed probation)

"I hope this program continues to be funded" --Brandon (probation terminated early for good behavior)

The recent announcement puts an end to the speculation and allows staff to plan for the future of the program and their clients. RAIN serves both male and female clients and has already served over 100 individuals since the program began. “Our clients are struggling with addiction issues and other serious challenges, I am glad the RAIN program will continue so that these clients can get the intensity of services they so desperately need,” shared Cassandra Hernandez, DCJ Community Justice Manager.

The RAIN program is funded by the Oregon Department of Corrections for property crime offenders who have significant substance abuse issues. It offers immediate access to treatment services, intensive supervision and weekly random UA's for outpatient clients. A special feature of the RAIN program is the close collaboration between probation/parole officers with the Multnomah County Jail Corrections Counselors. RAIN has also contracted with CODA for Inpatient, Outpatient and Methadone maintenance treatment in an effort to provide fast access to treatment. Clients who qualify for the RAIN program are evaluated by DCJ’s Integrated Clinical Specialist, Tracy Lindstrom, who refers clients to the appropriate level of care and monitors their treatment. RAIN utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) groups to focus on participants’ criminality, substance abuse and relational issues. These groups are co-facilitated by parole and probation officers, Michele Smith and Andrea Archuleta.


Photo: Created from RAIN graduation video filmed by Cassandra Hernandez and edited by Rachel Harris.