July 23, 2012

On Thursday, July 12th, Arnoldo Jaramillo, Juvenile Custody Services Specialist, Department of Community Justice (DCJ), was among the proud award winners from Portland Latino Gay Pride (PLGP) for making a difference in our community.  Mr. Jaramillo has been with Multnomah County almost 15 years and is known for his strong commitment to the youth detained in the Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Home.  His peer, Tami Cox, remarked upon hearing the news, “He really deserved this award for his dedication to our youth, his culture and to the LGBTQ community.  We are all proud of him.”

 Portland Latino Gay Pride (PLGP) established the Annual Mariposa Awards in 2008.   The term “Mariposa” was once a slang term used in many Latin American countries to describe someone who is gay.  The mission of PLGP has helped change the term from once derogatory to now celebratory. 

The Mariposa Award is an opportunity to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations making a difference in the community.  All recipients were nominated and selected on the basis of their demonstrated leadership, community involvement and commitment to the Latino community, the LGBTQ community and social justice.  In evidence, one youth said of Arnoldo, "He understands us and is easy going.  He is like a mentor to me.”

For more information: http://latinogaypridepdx.com/mariposa-award/