April 27, 2016

Londer Learning Center staff at the Mead Building take a moment to commemorate their award.
Each year, Multnomah County recognizes the hard work and dedication its employees put into their jobs every day. The Countywide Employee Awards recognize excellence in the workplace in six categories:

  • Diversity and Cultural Competency
  • Superior Public Service to External Customers
  • Superior Public Service to Internal Customers
  • Employee Innovation
  • Outstanding Team Achievement
  • Sustainability

Staff with the Londer Learning Center (LLC) won the group award for sustainability.

At-risk adults in Multnomah County, many of whom live in poverty, are usually left out of discussions about sustainability and climate change. An initiative in the summer of 2015 presented the county’s most vulnerable and diverse adult learners with a chance to learn about the root causes of climate change, and how to take action, thanks to LLC staff.

See a recap of the award ceremony, and LLC's acceptance speech

DCJ employees were individually nominated in four categories this year:

  • Nathaniel Roberts - Diversity and Cultural Competency
  • Alan Smith - Public Service to External Customers
  • Christi Winters - Public Service to Internal Customers
  • Michael Navarro - Public Service to Internal Customers
  • Samantha Fontaine - Sustainability

DCJ employees were nominated with teams or workgroups in 3 categories this year:

  • Javelin Hardy, Karimah Guion-Pledgure, Andrea Archuleta, and John Ashford with the Employees of Color Employee Resource Group - Diversity and Cultural Competency
  • Liv Jenssen, Alisha Morton, Barbara Fletcher, and David Riley with the Health Assessment and Treatment (HAT) Team - Innovation Award
  • Cheyenne Tuller, Brooke Kavanagh, Alan Smith, Kristine Bryan, Melinda Maiterth, Stephanie Anderson, Yvonne Flores, Julia Brown, Maria Villareal, and Emily Laughlin with DCJ’s Londer Learning Center - Sustainability

The Health Assessment and Treatment Team pose for a photo to commemorate their nomination.
The Health Assessment and Treatment (HAT) Team at the Mead Building.
 On Wednesday, May 4, the Board of Commissioners will host the seventh annual Multnomah County Employee Awards Ceremony. The ceremony will take place at 1:30 p.m. in the Multnomah Building boardroom and falls within Public Service Recognition Week, a time to celebrate the work of public servants at all levels of government.