May 1, 2015

DCJ participated in the annual National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, April 19-25, focusing on the work done throughout the county to honor victims, and the advocates, counselors, first responders, and others who assist victims in their time of need. The theme for this year’s awareness week was Engaging Communities. Empowering Victims.  

National Crime Victims' Week Engaging Communities Empowering Victims 4019025015

On April 16, Scott Taylor, Director of DCJ, attended the board proclamation declaring National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in Multnomah County. He joined County District Attorney Rod Underhill, victim turned victim’s advocate Susan Walters, and Liesl Wendt, Director of DCHS in highlighting the importance of supporting and assisting victims at every step in their process. DCJ is committed to empowering and supporting crime victims and has continuously invested resources in the Crime Victim Services Unit to improve responsivity to victims across the county.


On April 23, The Crime Victim Services Unit, in partnership with the District Attorney’s office and the Department of County Human Services, hosted a Victim Listening Session. Four crime victims were given space to share their experiences, tell their story, and give feedback to the county departments. The listening session helped the Crime Victim Services Unit better understand where they can focus attention and resources in the future to better assist crime victims while they are engaged with systems and services.


On April 24, DCJ Parole and Probation Officers participated in a quarterly domestic violence sweep. 42 attempts to serve warrants were made, nine arrests were made, and four victims were served, meaning the victims were given resource and contact information for services and victim advocates.  

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