May 10, 2016

Two people stand at a podium, one is speaking, the other (Mr. Taylor) listens intently. On April 11th Scott Taylor traveled to Pullman, Washington, to receive an award from Washington State University’s (WSU) Department of Criminal Justice. The Criminal Justice and Criminology Faculty at WSU selected him to receive the Department’s Criminal Justice and Criminology Outstanding Alumni Professional Achievement Award. Director Taylor received his Bachelor degrees in Sociology and Police Administration from Washington State University.

This award recognizes those whose career has had a significant impact on advancing the criminal justice discipline and promoting evidence-based practice in criminal justice. This award was given to him to recognize the work he has done at the Department of Community Justice as well as the national level work he has done as the President of the American Probation and Parole Association. He received the award at an annual awards luncheon where faculty members and graduate and undergraduate students were recognized for their accomplishments. 

While attending the luncheon Director Taylor took the opportunity to talk to the head of the Criminal Justice Department about how to develop some internship and recruitment opportunities. Having a branch in Vancouver provides excellent access to begin building the relationship with a nearby criminology department to begin speaking to students who are exploring employment in criminal justice.