December 10, 2015

Erika Preuitt, Lavoris Robinson, and Julie Laramie-Moss celebrate Lavoris and Julie's years of service.
On Wednesday December 9th, Multnomah County held their annual recognition award ceremony for county employees who have provided 15 through 30 years of service. In a packed room, Chair Kafoury and Commissioners Bailey, McKeel, Shiprack, and Smith acknowledged long-term employees’ personal commitment and professional service to the County. The Department of Community Justice (DCJ) proudly had 72 employees achieving these milestones, the largest number of any department. Their combined public service record totals 995 years of experience.

This year, DCJ has 26 honorees with 25 years or more of service, totaling 675 years of experience. These include:

Catherine Bryant, 30 years
Lonnie Nettles, 30 years
Susan Rath, 30 years
Caroline Richards-Brown, 30 years

Lavoris Robinson, 30 years
Paul Adams, 25 years
John Ashford, 25 years
Roland Aumueller, 25 years
Janice Bishop, 25 years

Nicholis Buell, 25 years
Catherine Caldwell, 25 years
Paul Holland, 25 years
Karl Johnson, 25 years

Delaina Knaap, 25 years
Leonoard Knaap, 25 years
Donald Lincoln, 25 years
Russ Martin, 25 years
Mary McCoy, 25 years
John Miller, 25 years
Mary Munson, 25 years

Canh Nguyen, 25 years
Mike Peterson, 25 years
Scott Rayfield, 25 years
Michele Smith, 25 years
Leslie Taylor, 25 years
Cynthia Toronto, 25 years

Many DCJ employees attended the ceremony to celebrate with their colleagues. A receiving line led by Chair Kafoury included all the Commissioners. Audience members included co-workers and family members.

DCJ staff being honored represent all divisions and job classifications. From managers, to Office Assistants, to Probation Officers and Juvenile Court Counselors DCJ is lucky to have such a committed and dedicated staff  

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