Who we are

Research & Planning (RAP) is an interdisciplinary group of applied researchers who strive to combine technical excellence with quality customer service. Our experts have a diverse skill set that allows us flexibility in tailoring solutions in a rapidly evolving field. We understand the information demands and the pace of public service because we navigate it every day. 

What we do 

Timely and rigorous analyses are now essential tools for running a public safety agency. We meet data needs and support policymaking, programming, and training capacity. 

  • Evaluation Design 
  • Data Analysis 
  • Data Visualization
  • Operations Fidelity


We work within DCJ to ensure the organization remains evidence-based and data-driven. 

We partner with community corrections agencies, courts, law enforcement, service providers, federal agencies, culturally specific organizations, colleges and universities, and private research firms to drive innovation within the field of community corrections.